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Fire Extinguishers In Thrissur

At Tricone Solutions we always provide the customer with both quality and choice. As an independent company we are able to offer the highest quality range of extinguishers, as well as alternative ranges from other manufacturers; all approved to IS 15683 and CE marked.We are manufacturer, suppliers, and dealer in Thrissurof Different products such as Fire Extinguisher, Fire Hydrant Systems, Fire Safety equipments, fire sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Fire Sensor, Co2 Fire Extinguisher, Automatic Modular Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher Box, Fire Extinguisher Powder, AFFF Fire Extinguishers, Car Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher Cylinder, Fire Extinguisher Cabinet, Fire Extinguisher Accessories, Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher, Wheeled fire Extinguisher, ABC Fire Extinguisher, Car Fire Extinguisher, Co2 Trolley Fire Extinguisher, Kitchen Fire Extinguisher, Metal Fire Extinguisher, Fire Extinguisher Spare Parts, Foam fire extinguisher, Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, Water Fire Extinguisher, fire extinguisher Brackets, fire Ball extinguisher, Portable fire extinguisher, Clean Agents fire extinguisher and Trolley mounted fire extinguisher.

In addition to extinguishers we are also able to survey, supply and install safety signs and first aid kits, as well as wide range of related safety equipment, including the new revolutionary Lite Sleeve range.Fire extinguisher is used to control fire in emergency. It is a fire extinguisher that is release gas, water, foam, CO2 and other chemical. The fire extinguishers are available in Thrissurin various types including water, foam, carbon dioxide, wet chemical, dry chemical, clear agent, dry powder, water mist, ceiling mounted modular suppression and various fire safety solution. The fire extinguishers are basically demand for commercial as well as house and cars. These also suitable at various places like in hotels, restaurants, warehouses, schools, office and factories etc. It can easily fix at various place in kitchen, offices, and server rooms.

We offer a reliable and prompt service, and if required can very often be there the same day in the service areas covered by our engineers. Where a service has been carried out we issue a Certificate of Maintenance, which is then posted out to the client..

We are the reputed Manufacturer, Dealer, distributor, supplier of Fire Extinguisher in Thrissur district Kerala, Call us at: +91-8893232332 for Complete Range of Fire Extinguishers.

We Manufacturer & Supplier of ABC & Co2 type Fire Extinguishers, Modular Automatic Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishing Ball, Clean Agent type fire extinguishers, Hose Box, Hose Reel Drum, LPG/CNG Leak Detectors, Safety Singes, Reflective Safety Jackets, Smoke Detectors, Safety Harness, Fire Blankets, Electrical Sirens, CCTV & Video Door Phone.

We also service fire extinguishers; our refilling plant is in Kannur, Our Quality Product range and service made us popular in Fire Safety World, We are No.1 Manufacturer of Fire Extinguisher in Thrissur district, We do CCTV camera surveillance system for office, shop, Schools, Financial Sectors etc.. With free mobile monitoring Software. Our Pricing and Quality differs from others.

We provide complete solution about Manufacturer of Fire Extinguisher in Thrissur district. Fire Extinguisher refilling in Thrissur district,

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We deals in various fire safety systems, fire extinguishers are one of them. Our fire extinguishers are portable and easily fit at various easily reachable places. These are fit on the area where there is more chance of fire. These are easily place in walls, floors and in cars. 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